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Bespoke Contracting Solutions for Your Commercial Spaces

At Brikon Contracting, we offer commercial and residential construction for every client’s convenience. Your new construction build or residential remodel is best put in the hands of our experts. We have connections in Edmonton to offer a wide variety of high-quality wholesale housing materials, and we know first-class designers who can make your build truly unique. Not to mention, we have the capabilities for a wide range of projects. From basements and decks to concrete and landscaping, Brikon Contracting does it all.

Your Commercial Contracting Partner

Our team specializes in delivering comprehensive interior and exterior design solutions tailored to meet the needs of home renovators, first-time buyers, business owners, and more. Focusing on quality and reliability, we empower you to invest effectively in your property, laying a solid foundation for future success. With over 35 years of trusted service in Edmonton and the surrounding area, Brikon Contracting is your go-to partner for all your contracting needs. Whether embarking on a new home build or revitalizing your office space, our endless options ensure your vision comes to life seamlessly.

Discover how you can transform your commercial space with our customized commercial services. We’re committed to seeing every project through from start to finish, regardless of size.

Our Start-to-Finish Projects

Work with a contractor who will support you throughout your project. Our experienced team is committed to seeing your project through from start to finish, ensuring you have peace of mind through every stage. With our comprehensive project management services, we handle everything from remodels to builds, ensuring seamless completion. From deck builds to landscaping projects, our vigilant contractors are available to keep your job on track and answer any questions you may have. Let us work with you to implement the perfect design based on your needs, ensuring your satisfaction as you enjoy your newly transformed space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference with Brikon Contracting.